Hi Neighbor,

No one knows more about having a good time than Snappers. And since you're smart enough to be a Keys resident, we have something to make the good times even better: 10% off everything on our menu, plus 10% off all drinks… all the time, all year round.
On Thursdays, as an added bonus, you'll receive 20% off your check starting at 5:30 PM - we like to call it "TGIT" or "Thank God It's Thursday!" You will also receive a monthly newsletter and be invited to our free parties and special events.  We have a limited edition Turtle Club tee only available for purchase by members.
Just fill out the Turtle Club membership application and bring it in-person to Snappers along with proof of Monroe Country residency (such as a copy of your electric bill).
The annual fee is $10, plus $5 for new cards. All new memberships paid for before December 1st will be good for one year beginning December 1st and ending November 30th.
If a card must be replaced, the renewal fee will be $15. All new memberships will be $15.

- Head Turtle



Turtle Club Rules:

• You must show proof of Monroe County residency.
• You must be 2 years of age or over.
• You must have you card with you for your discount.
• Transferring cards results in immediate cancellation.
• Your membership is cancelable without notice or explanation by the management of Snappers.

If anyone asks if you're a Turtle, you must answer, "You bet your sweet snapper I am!"

Turtle Club News

Liars & Cheaters

A golf tournament for questionable people that benefits clearly amazing people.

St. Patrick's Day

Join us Friday, March 17th, for our annual GREEN party to honor the Irish or just play hooky...

Sunday is Ladies Night

Every Sunday night is now Ladies Night at the Turtle Club, all ladies' drinks are 50% off 7 PM to close and we don't mind if you stay late...

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